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PALS Project Center is scheduled by appointment only and open to all members of the PALS Center community. This service is available evenings, after 4:30 programming ends, and weekends. It is meant to provide individualized assistance for long-term projects or multi-step assignments. Each session includes use of the Center's technology resources, as well as craft supplies. Specialized materials can be provided upon request. If you have a group project, the Center provides a common meeting location and time without having to juggle multiple family schedules. This is a great way to allow students to work collaboratively with guidance and leave all the preparation and clean up to us!

Not feeling like putting your science skills to the test? Trust our team of science educators to help your child through their science fair project. Whether it includes a kit, long-term data collection, or the ordering of specific science materials, we are there to help! Planning a display board, writing up the parts of the experiment, taking photos as data collection, or analyzing results to come to a conclusion, we have plenty of experience pulling it all together. You can bring your materials here or we can discuss having them ready for you --- anything to help out! Maybe you are just looking for support compiling it all, we can come to you as well.

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